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24”x18” oil on canvas panel, 2022. 

I started working on this painting about the time that the weather started warming up this year. I worked on it until it was about 95% completed and then set it aside to work on something else. Months later, when deciding what pieces to submit to the PRHBTN show, I thought that this one would be a good fit so I took a couple days to finish it.

The title comes from the actions in the painting. The people are at a wild show and many of them are wearing masks. I thought it was cool to have an image that represented our current times, showing people trying to enjoy life while living through the pandemic. 

When the painting was almost complete, I realized that it reminded me of epic old paintings, depicting scenes of people fighting or a crucifixion. That realization made me like the piece even more.

Love Will Find A Way

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