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Harold and Eugene
Livin' The Dream
No Time For The Blues
Will You Wait For Me
Throwing Shade
In The Sun
Distant Memory Lane
The Other Side
Dots And Chucks
Leather and Brass
Betsy In The Sky With Diamonds
Young Mick
Hey Johnny
Love Will Find A Way
And Out Come The Wolves
I Often Party With Friends, But Sometimes I Provolone
Mambo Sun
Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well
A Horse With A Name
Rick The Muse
A Coal Mining Father
Artificial Cherry Flavored Memories
Love Has Never Been a Popular Movement
Under The Cover of Darkness (2)
Orange Earrings
The Dark Reminds Me of Dying
Dancing With Miriam
A Slight Change of Plans
Nothing Can Stop Me Now 1
Skull in Hand
A Flower For Each Year
Violet in Pink
Wooden Leg
Rufus and Lola
Petra Cottontail
Working Stiff
Even Walls Fall Down
Skull on Skull
You and Me Go Fishing in the Dark
Evening Warmth
Well Worn Trails
A Nightmare To Some Yet Possibily a Dream To Others
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