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Skull on Skull

14”x11” oil on linen panel, 2021.


I painted this one about six months ago. Even though I really dig it, I had forgotten about the painting until I was looking through some completed works to find what needed to be varnished.

I originally started referring to this one as Skull on Skull because I had not come up for a proper title, but I quickly realized that the moniker reminded me of Bob Dylan’s killer album Blonde on Blonde. I then informed my wife that I had the idea that we should start a sludge/stoner metal band with the sole purpose of covering the entire Blonde on Blonde album, though heavily distorted with low tempos, and use this painting as the album cover. She was not as enthused as I, so I guess it was good that I was only half serious.

This one was particularly hard to photograph because of the dark colors, plus, some of the background textures are thicker than a snicker. The parts that look white in the background are actually glossy dark spots reflecting light.

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